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    Seeking Short Plays: Landmark 2014 - Shattered Reason February 28, 2014
    Big Announcement August 27, 2013
    Season Auditions for 2013 August 5, 2013
  • Our Mission

    The past is prologue: We produce stories from underrepresented voices throughout history. Our relevant and diverse works empower our community to consider where we go from here.

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    Prologue believes that a full understanding of our diverse history is key to better understanding ourselves and those around us. If you agree, and would like to be a part of our important mission, please consider a giving a financial gift.

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    We’re always looking for extra hands for everything from house managing, load in, strike, and tons of other things. If you’d like to help us, in exchange for tickets and some a glimpse behind the scenes, click the button below to learn how to get in touch.

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  • Saturday Night/Sunday Morning - Steppenwolf Garage Rep

  • Trafford Tanzi - Summer 2014

  • Landmark 2014 - Short Play Submissions Wanted

The Past is Prologue

We produce new and forgotten works from underrepresented voices. In this way, we relate the experiences of yesterday with the lives of today.

On the Blog

SEASON FIVE: Scar Tissue

Six ten-minute plays in one sitting, set to shock, inspire, and transport.

Landmark Festival 2013 - Scar Tissue

September 30 - October 2

"Folks say women's stayin' together aint doin nothin but whorin or fightin. Well they half right."

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning

March 1 - April 19

A Story Told in Violence

Trafford Tanzi

June 6 - 28